Welcome to the online portfolio of Colin C Throm, interactive designer and illustrator. I have been drawing ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Always surrounded by art and classic children's literature from Norse mythology to Dr. Seuss, I have not forgotten even though I am grown now… I have spent my professional life working with e-learning, graphic design, multimedia, and interactive design, and still enjoy getting my fingers dirty with pencil, ink, and paint. My work carries a sophisticated whimsy while my scientific background provides a solid foundation for realms of fantasy. Please enjoy.

CCThrom Art and Design has an online store, which is now open. Here you can buy my original artwork, prints, or or my own handcrafted jewelry and artifacts.


Now that I have an entry at Illustration Mundo, It's time to make my updated site live!


This page may look very similar, but I have completely updated and modernized the coding behind it. Additional updates and improvements are on the way.